Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas Candle Cake

We celebrate my son's birthday on Christmas Eve with everyone in my family and also on the day of his actual birthday, ie on Boxing Day.  It's like a re-enforcement teaching (??) to teach him what birthday means and what we do on birthdays.  Not sure if he knows what birthday actually means, but after so many years, finally this year, he actually pointed to the calendar and asked me to make a cake for him. He doesn't talk much, so he just point to the date and said "Mummy, happy birthday, cake". Since he hardly talks, whatever he asks, I have to make it happen right?  :D

Christmas Candle Cake
I saw a lot of candle cakes on internet and I thought it would be a good idea to make it for my son on his birthday. 
He likes to blow fire off every lit candle he sees (except his own birthday cake!..I don't know why...). Once I had to apologise to the staff in Ladurée because he blew off all the candles there while I was picking out macarons! 

A tall slice of cake! :D

This year, on Christmas Day, I made a simple light chocolate chiffon cake & whipped cream and got my daughter to design and print out the happy birthday banner last minute.

As always, he doesn't like it when all of us sing Happy Birthday to him. 
But we still sing anyway..LOL!


Vicki said...

Faithy, this is absolutely exquisite! Your talent knows no bounds. What a beautiful thing to do for your son.

Jenn said...

Faithy, happy belated birthday to your son. You are so talented. The cakes are beautiful. How did you pipe the ruffle frosting on the chocolate cake? And what did you use?

Faithy said...

Hi Jenn! Thanks! I used a petal tip. Face the petal tip right right angle to cake with narrow side facing out and pipe zig-zag from bottom to up.

SweetThingsTO said...

Hi Faithy - I'm so behind on blogging and visiting my blogging friends. I love how you write and I love your posts and I love your cakes!

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